Continuing to Inspire and Motivate Employees

Managers in every industry are challenged to find new ways to keep inspiring and motivating employees throughout the year. In the IT industry, these strategies could look very different than government, education or manufacturing. We like these tips for inspiring IT employees and keeping them motivated throughout the year.

Update the rewards system. If management uses any kind of incentive system, it could be time to update it. One way is to create incentive tokens with a dollar value defined. When employees earn tokens, they can trade them in for company branded swag, a day off or a gift card.

Hold an employee forum. Employees need a regular meeting with the boss to voice concerns. Just having an open door and an inbox are not enough. Give employees a forum to bring up problems and to brainstorm future projects.

Offer optional training programs outside of the office. Employees want opportunities to expand their skill set, not just to complete their required training programs. Create a procedure for employees to submit requests for outside training and then find money in the staff budget whenever possible. Outside training can be part of a strong incentive schedule.

In IT, major shifts in personnel are common as projects change. Many IT professionals work on a temporary, contract or project-basis with companies that need their particular expertise. When projects expire, they must find other employment or integrate into a new assignment with a whole new team. What motivates in January may not work in August, so we suggest re-evaluating incentives regularly.

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