In-Demand Technical & Soft Skills

We all know that individuals with a computer science degree have a lot of opportunities right now. But do you have the best skills for today’s most in-demand professions of 2015?

According to Quintcareers.com, the top ten skills employers are seeking fall into two categories: technical and soft.

Technical skills:

• Data Analysis

• Data Security

• Database Management

• Development (including Web, App, Mobile/Device and Program)

• Project Management

Soft skills:

• Communication

• Teamwork

• Decision-making

• Research Ability

• Prioritization and Planning

Obviously it is much easier to demonstrate technical skills on a resume. But how does one reflect soft skills on a resume?

When making hiring recommendations and decisions, employers weigh a candidate’s skills and experience, as well as how well that person will fit into the existing team.
By utilizing accomplishment statements on your resume, candidates can effectively incorporate these soft skills. If the skill can be quantified, the resume will stand out even more. Candidates are demonstrating to an employer the skills utilized to achieve results.

For example, instead of stating, “ability to work in a team structure,” paint a picture of how this was achieved. “As an active team member on the specific project, implemented a process generating a 10% increase in product sales.” This gives the prospective employer a real idea of a candidate’s abilities.

It is likely, whether a recent graduate or an experienced worker, the candidate has developed these skills over time. Candidates must be able to demonstrate such to get hired. Utilize the cover letter, resume, and interview to provide specific details and paint that picture.

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