Staying Positive: Bringing the Right Attitude to a Job Search

Staying Positive

A job search does not have to feel soul-sucking. Bringing the right attitude to a job search is all about staying positive. There is a possibility the attitude projected can affect the results received, which is why many people believe in the power of positive affirmations. Here are some ways job seekers can keep their attitudes uplifted:

  • Start thinking about the jobs applied for as, “When I get the job…” as opposed to, “If I get the job…”
  • Stay upbeat while working on applications. Build a playlist of uplifting songs and blast it while filling out every question, providing as much information as possible. If an interview gets scheduled, play the positive playlist on the way to the interview. Think: Rocky.
  • Set goals during the process. For example, one application a day. Have a reward in mind for every 10 applications completed, like enjoying a favorite dessert or downloading a new album. Do not allow the reward to distract you.
  • Write down some favorite inspirational quotes on Post-Its and stick them around your work area. Review them when feeling frustrated.
  • Try not to stare at the email account used to send in applications all the time. This will be a challenge, but the more the account is checked, the more the stress level will increase. Rather, set a certain time of day to check it.

Most importantly, surround yourself with family and friends. Make sure you’ve identified some life cheerleaders to uplift you when you’re having a particularly blue day.

And Good Luck!

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