[TBT] 5 Useful Open Source APIs

[Editor’s Note] This Throwback Thursday we’re bringing back the magic of Open Source tools. We’ve checked these links and were impressed that even two yeas later, all of the sources mentioned still maintain free tools for web developers.

Originally Published: October 2, 2013


If you’re a web developer who is looking for some top quality open APIs, mashups, or code then you need not look any further. With literally hundreds APIs available to you, sometimes deciding which one is the best and most useful (and the best quality) for what you need to accomplish can be taxing. So, we have compiled a short list of everything that you’ll need to help, whether shortening a URL to setting up an RSS, Media RSS or Atom feed, to integrating and interacting with social media accounts, and everything that may come between.

Google APIs:
In short, Google has got you covered. They offer just about every API a developer would want or need to get their hands on. From setting up feeds to mapping to tasks to analytics, they have it all. In fact, one could write solely about all they have to offer, but we don’t want to limit your choices because the web has plenty of developing options besides Google.

Yahoo! APIs:
Yahoo has been at it for a very long time, so they know how to keep the would-be developer content with selections like contacts, place finder, and Answers; to Flickr, Fantasy Sports and beyond.

Facebook APIs:
Want to integrate Android, iOS, or the web to access Facebook? Facebook has made it easy for third party developers to construct applications and services that access their website.

Open Social:
Open Social bills themselves as the industry’s leader of for cloud-based social applications. Initially developed by Google (and used on Myspace, remember that?), it is now a general use runtime environment. As of late, they have included the use of Oauth and OAuth 2.0, as well as Activity Streams and Portable Contacts.

Programmable Web:
A solid and sturdy addition to the bunch, Programmable Web is a web API that allows for server-side developing, as well as client-side developing within a web browser. In addition to API’s, they also offer mashups, and their website is brimming with already developed code for easy integration.

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