[TBT] Taking a Closer Look at the Benefits of Cloud Computing

[Editor’s note] This Throwback Thursday is a look at how Cloud Computing was expected to benefit day-to-day business. Some benefits not mentioned include achievement of economies of scale, cost-effective globalization, streamlined processes, project monitoring and minimal training required to troubleshoot hardware and software issues.

Originally published: September 4, 2013

Cloud Computing

Simply put, the benefits of cloud computing are changing the way firms meet their hardware and software needs. Users can access multiple components of an infrastructure with Cloud including servers, software, network equipment, data center space, deployment, hosting and maintenance, app builders, and much more. While many feel implementing a cloud system to be advantageous, it is important to give the benefits of incorporating the system a close look to see how Cloud can help firm grow.The main benefits of integrating a cloud system include:

1. Cloud computing keeps costs down and companies well within their tech budget. Cloud allows firms the ability to eliminate multiple stand alone servers. Bottom line, these types of servers are costly to operate and maintain. Once a server system becomes obsolete, it must be eliminated and replaced causing a crunch on a firm’s budget. Cloud dispels these types of costs allowing users to save on management costs, software updates, and data storage costs, and quality control costs.

2. Cloud is innovative; because a company does not have to focus on management of facility resources, there is more time available to concentrate on prototype development, testing, and validation. R&D projects especially benefit when task success depends on collaboration.

3. A firm no longer has to dedicate meaningless amounts of time on hardware purchase and set up that come along with new application implementation. A firm can quickly and efficiently scale up or down their usage of services on Cloud as per company and global market demands.

4. The Cloud system is convenient; sharing of infrastructure insures low overheads and immediate availability of services. Also, billing for services is solely reliant on firm usage. Other than an internet connection, Cloud does not require additional manpower or specialty equipment to operate to its full potential.

The Cloud system is absolutely beneficial to any company who is looking for an alternative to costly IT equipment. It is fully adaptable to your firm’s specific needs and allows for more time developing and producing; ultimately saving you, as well as making you, money. Let Akraya help you get set up with a Cloud system that will be perfect for your firm’s unique needs.

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