choosing a staffing vendor

The number of staffing firms in the market is steadily increasing. Due to this, companies can be overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of options and services available in the market today. It is imperative for the company’s decision makers to do some research in order to find a compatible vendor to meet the company’s needs. The following are three areas to consider before choosing a staffing vendor.

Industry Expertise: It is crucial that the selected staffing firm is experienced in the industry for which they will be working. This is extremely important in the IT, Marketing and Engineering industries. A firm which specializes in the company’s field will attract the most qualified candidates and draw from a pipeline of similar candidates. A vendor that is knowledgeable in that industry understands the skillsets that are required for a successful hire.

Recruiting Process: Hiring Managers rely on a staffing firm to produce qualified candidates. It is important to learn what type of recruitment process the vendor uses to accomplish this. Here are a few things to discuss:

  • What is their sourcing and screening process? Get a few examples of typical questions they ask.
  • What types of background and reference checks are performed? How long does that process take?
  • Do they administer tests to evaluate candidates’ technical skills?
  • Where do they tend to find their candidates? A strong vendor uses resources other than standard job sites.

Quality of Candidates: The vendor’s priority should be placing a candidate who fits the company culture and environment. This is done through extensive interviewing and constant communication with the Hiring Manager. Many staffing vendors will take short cuts by sending as many resumes to the Hiring Manager as possible. This is not an efficient way to ensure placement. The Hiring Manager would much rather have five high-quality candidates than 10 with varied degrees of skill and ability.

Staffing vendors are easy to find, but locating one that fits the company’s needs requires some research. Meet with different staff of the vendor and ask important questions. Decision makers should choose a vendor that values the company’s business and takes the time to provide exceptional service.

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