3 Qualities to Covey When Interviewing for a Creative Position

Jobs in creative fields require a unique skill set. Hiring managers look for specific tools and qualities when filling these positions. While education and experience are important factors, there are a few key characteristics that employers value most highly. Here are three characteristics you should project when interviewing for a creative position.


Hiring managers look for originality in creative employees. They want to know that your outside-the-box mentality is not confined to the workplace. Avoid giving standard scripted responses to their questions. It is common for creative individuals to have an unusual appearance, so feel free to add color to your wardrobe and express your personality through your clothing. This does not mean you should look sloppy or unkempt. It is always important to look professional. However, you can easily add some flair to your ensemble to show your artsy side.


Innovation is a vital part of all creative occupations. Let the interviewer know that you are aware of the need for new approaches to issues. Your ability to problem solve from various perspectives is important. Make sure to bring up any past projects and unique issues that you resolved to prove your ability to innovate. If you are asked how you might solve a particular problem, ask a few questions about it first to determine the most creative approach you can come up with.



You must be able to handle criticism in a creative job. Ensure that the hiring manager understands your willingness to be flexible. Often times, these occupations involve working with team members. Your communication skills and ability to work well with others are vital. You can be confident in your abilities without being rigid. It is helpful to have a friendly, relaxed disposition during the interview.


Filling creative positions is quite different from hiring in most traditional fields. Understanding these differences assists you in getting hired. But most importantly, be authentic during your interview.

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