Diversity Key in Filling Tech Roles

Gender Gap

There is a high demand for individuals in STEM fields. Even conservative estimates assume that for decades to come there will be many more tech jobs available than there will be qualified applicants to fill them.

Many big tech companies are thinking ahead and doing anything they can to boost the number of people necessary to perform work in a technical role. Additionally, the tech industry has been largely criticized for lacking in the kind of employee diversity enjoyed by other industries, which is why boosting employee numbers has become more focused on diversity vendors.

Apple, for example, recently reaffirmed their desire to see more diversity in their workplace with their recent donations to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and the National Center for Women and Information Technology.

Apple hopes their $50 million dollar donation will increase the diversity of future applicants that are interested in tech jobs according to an article in Mac Observer.

“Apple is taking a ‘thoughtful’ approach to stimulating workplace diversity efforts by focusing on how its dollars are spent instead of simply how big its donations are.”

Simply investing in the future doesn’t help the issue right now, however. Companies that want to hire more diverse applicants may need to adjust their recruiting techniques. There is much room for improvement in diversity for tech jobs as outlined in Software Solutions Tackle Diversity Issues in the Tech Industry. One solution the article mentions is recruitment software.

“Recruitment software that can track and target pools of diverse applicants is a great way to address the problem. While human resource departments have always known that there are qualified candidates with diverse backgrounds out there, they didn’t have the tools to track them down until now.”

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