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Competitive skill sets are a key to career growth and job opportunity potential. If you want to see more doors open for you, you might consider learning a few more technical skills. At the top of the list of desirable skills are programming languages.

Software Development is a growing industry, and it’s easy to see why. Programming jobs pays well, and offers great flexibility, but for people who love programming it’s more than the perks that make coding a passion. People who love programming usually love that they can create something from nothing. Great programmers usually love that coding is the basic building blocks of the technology that runs more and more of our lives.

If the idea of knowing how the things you love work at their most basic level, and never running out of ways to expand your knowledge base and expertise is appealing to you, you might really enjoy learning more coding skills.

The idea of going back to school and taking advantage of higher learning might be intimidating. However, when skills are in high demand there are usually more flexible options for learning those skills. With programming, for example, you don’t have to go to a four-year college to learn new skills.

Coding Boot Camps take away the excuses that learning to code would take you too long or cost you too much money. There’s no reason you can’t start today! Learning to code is not as complicated as you think.

Just look at 17 year-old Michael Sayman who started programming at the age of 13 and whose “Ask A Dev” video, “How Do I Get Started Coding Young?” was prominently featured on Mashable.  According to the Mashup Article about the video, “How to Succeed in Coding While You’re Still Young,” finding inspiration is the best way to jump into programming.

“Sayman says that you should first look around to get ideas of what you could build, then dive into the numerous online resources available for coders. That’s how he found the back-end platform Parse, which simplified his process.

“As a kid who grew up outside a tech hub without many resources, Sayman says not to get discouraged, and to keep pushing as you learn these valuable skills.”

Finally, if you’ve learned a new programming language, make sure you have proof that you’re fluent. Sites like GitHub allow people to contribute to large-scale projects with great results. The best part is that your engagement is tracked, so you have proof that you can not only work proficiently in your language, but that you can deliver real results.

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