Job Search Holidays

Many job seekers think that the period between Thanksgiving and January 1 is the off-season for job hunting. Actually, this is one of the best times to make some real headway in your job search. Your social and professional networks may be the key to helping you find the job you are looking for, and this is the perfect time of the year for making new connections and renewing old ones.

Here are four things to do this holiday season to move your job search forward:

1. Update your LinkedIn profile. What does LinkedIn have to do with the holidays, you ask? The goal of networking is not just to connect with the people you know. You would also like to make a connection with the people they know. Before you encourage anyone to check out your profile, or ask them to pass your name along to others who may view it, make sure your picture, qualifications, skills and resume are all up-to-date. Once your profile is in shape, you are ready to tackle the holidays!

2. Get in touch with old friends. The holidays provide the perfect opportunity to reach out to old college friends or business associates. Call or email them to extend your holiday greetings, find out what is new in their lives, and let them know that you are looking for a job. Let them know that you would like them to pass your name along, and don’t forget to do the same for them.

3. Network at work. If you are currently in a job, don’t pass up your company’s holiday party. You probably do not want to tell your co-workers that you are looking for a new job, but this occasion is a great opportunity to connect with people across your company. Make it a point to meet people from other departments, then reach out to them on LinkedIn and other social networks. You never know who they know, or where a new connection will lead you in the future.

4. Network outside of work. If you are not presently working, check out your professional organization’s holiday party or meeting. Again, the goal is to renew old acquaintances, make new contacts, and broaden your LinkedIn and other social networks.

If you are uncomfortable using the holidays as a job hunting tool, don’t be. Making connections is not just about finding a new job. While you are catching up with old friends, or making new ones, you may be able to help someone else find the job of their dreams. And that’s a great gift to give to anyone!

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