Three Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Even with your stellar educational background, technology job experience, and a perfect resume, it’s taken awhile to land an interview. But all your hard work has paid off because you’re interviewing with someone tomorrow. You can make sure that the encounter goes well by avoiding these three common mistakes.

  • Not taking a phone interview as seriously as a face-to-face meeting. Busy managers at technology companies may save themselves time by opting to interview you first by phone, especially if the position is located in a city different from yours. To come across professionally, take some time to prepare before the call. Dress the part, and make sure that your resume and other documentation are close at hand. If you’re doing this from home, shut the door and ask family members to keep it quiet. Finally, have a mirror that you can look at during the interview. This can simulate talking to a person and will prompt you to remain pleasant and interested.
  • Knowing nothing about the company. The best way to show that you want to work at a potential employer is by learning everything you can about the company before the interview. Such information is easily available on the Internet through company websites, news organizations, and even technical support forums. Find out the company’s mission statement, how it sees itself within the industry, and what it considers to be its major problems. When you discuss such issues, talk about how you can help solve them when you’re hired.
  • Criticizing past employers. Even if your last boss was incompetent and your previous company’s policies were unfair, you should never badmouth your past place of work. You never know if your previous employer is a current customer or an important consultant of the company at which you’re interviewing. Your interviewers will also view how you see your previous office as a clue to how you’ll see and behave in their company.

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