The Five Places You Should Be Looking For A Technology Job


In such a competitive job market, it is not surprising that many people are wondering where to find jobs in technology. Too many job searchers are using the wrong resources or too few of the right ones. This guide should give you a comprehensive view of where you should be looking and why you should be looking there.

  1. IT Specific Job Board Websites. These contain a wealth of job opportunities targeted to those who know their field well and stick to it. This is one of the first places you should look. However, don’t limit yourself to just these websites.
  2. IT Staffing Firms: Every staffing firm’s job is to find top quality candidates for their clients. Do a simple Google search to find a firm that specializes staffing jobs you are skilled in or to make it even easier, contact AKRAYA! Staffing firms websites usually have a job board for all the jobs they currently staff for. If you don’t see a job you like, send them your resume because they might have a job for you in the near future. 
  3. Social Networking Sites. Post on Facebook and Twitter, look on LinkedIn, and use any other social networking tools to your advantage. Join LinkedIn groups such as Tech Recruiters or Tech & Job Expo and take part in the conversations that are taking place on the web. This spreads a wide net over a diversity of people who, because many know you personally or have some experience with you, are more likely to go pit of their way to follow up on a lead they might have for you or to recommend you to a friend.
  4. Networking. Meeting people in person has a dramatic influence on their likelihood to hire or recommend you for a job. Even if you don’t meet your future boss here, the countless contacts that you have the opportunity to create are an invaluable resource when finding a job. Join organizations such as TechAmerica, the Business Technology Association, or the American Electronics Association, all of which hold regular networking events.
  5.  Your Inner Circle. Don’t limit your networking to events though–look to the friends and contacts you already have. As you continue to build up this base of strong personal relationships, it will become your most valuable resource for your career.

The key when searching for a job in such a competitive market is to cast a wide net. Focusing on only a few resources is most job searchers’ biggest mistake. By using all or most of the resources above, you will multiply your opportunities and make chance connections you never would have otherwise.   If you would like any support in finding the right job for you, we’re here to help. Just contact us or continue to explore our website. Happy searching!

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