Advice for California IT Jobs: How to Impress Your New Employer

impress your employer

California IT jobs are hot right now, so you found it easy to line up interviews with your superb computer skills and technology degree. Still, you had to beat out several equally qualified candidates to land your dream position at a high-tech company. You can now use the following tips at your new job to make your employer happy that you came on-board.

Come in before your boss does and leave after she leaves. Your presence will be noted and you’ll develop a reputation as being committed to your work. Whenever your boss needs you, you’ll be around, and she may assign you special projects just because no one else is in the office. Obviously, you can also use your extra time at the desk to tackle more work than anybody else.

Let offensive remarks slide. Because you’re unfamiliar with the norms of your workplace, you may misinterpret something that someone says as offensive. Perhaps that is simply the way an otherwise effective worker communicates. In any case, you don’t want to gain a reputation as someone who rocks the boat or is not a team player by complaining about perceived slights. However, if someone does seem to be singling you out for repeated harassment or hindering your careers, you should speak up.

Don’t discuss your career goals extending beyond the first few months. During your initial period, your primary tasks should be fitting in with your colleagues, learning the ropes, and finding out the way the company likes to do things. It isn’t to take your bosses jobs, make your department more efficient, or improve the industry. Talking about advancing too soon will make you seem a threat to others who have yet to see you pay your dues. Prove your worth through measurable actions rather than big talk.

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