The Best Job Search Engine: Older Sites That Equal LinkedIn for IT Job Searches

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Searching for the best job search engine might feel impossible when so many of them exist now, including the leader in networking capabilities: LinkedIn. Regardless, you might be surprised to learn that many older sites have a few advantages for technology job seekers. Some of those search engines have been around longer than you’ve likely been online and have more accrued information available. Go ahead and give that ironic analogy to the older, experienced search engine arguably being more valuable than the eager newbie.
Which sites should you consider based on age?


This job site has been around since the mid 1990s, even though it caters mostly to non-profit organizations. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less useful, because the database is one of the largest around when it comes to listings. When searching out an IT job or any job, temporary volunteering may be in your best interest to get your foot in the door. This ancient site (in Internet terms) could be your most comprehensive source in getting started.


Despite still having the strangest name for a job search engine, Monster.com is equally as old as Idealist. Because of that, it also has the largest database of job listings you’ll find next to LinkedIn. There isn’t a charge to tap those listings, plus you can still upload your resume for companies to peruse. As well, it continues to cover job listings in dozens of foreign countries if you want to outsource your IT job skills.


This one isn’t quite as old, though it did one smart thing to keep it in the loop of being the most useful: It linked in with LinkedIn. All job listings here have a link that takes you to their LinkedIn page. Other than that, the site also has the advantage of being designed simply with a basic search engine interface. Thorough searches can be done quickly by merely naming the job category you’re searching for and the city you live in.


As a more specialized place for technology jobs, this site is worth using, despite being less known. Founded in the early 1990s, it’s the oldest and perhaps fairest one of them all for IT graduates. It lists close to 100,000 jobs in that category (as well as engineering listings) for free. And it also provides free news and advice about technology careers that can be valuable when you’re still a rookie in the industry.

While these sites might be useful in finding an IT job, you may need an additional experienced source in finding exactly what you want. Here at Akraya, Inc., we list open contract positions that can be sought out with an upload of your resume. Contact us to help you launch your IT career based on our 12 years of proven experience.

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