How to Prepare for an Interview

We’ve all heard those standard tidbits of conventional pre-interview wisdom, like dress professionally and arrive 15 minutes early. But beyond those basic tips, here are three things that should definitely be done beforehand to present yourself strongly and impress your interviewer.

Get Insight Beyond the Job Description
If the interviewer and you don’t mesh, your chances of being hired are slim. With that in mind, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about the company’s culture before your interview. This is especially true for smaller companies that are not yet household names. Are they an agile start-up that values individuality and unique traits in their employees? If so, be prepared to explain how you would bring something special to the table. The best way to tell what traits a company looks for in an employee is to check their website’s press room, award section and company blog – anywhere the company can express their corporate values and characteristics.

Tell Them What They Need to Hear
There are some questions that you should come to the interview already knowing the answers to. Questions like, “Tell me about yourself.” and “Why are you looking for a new job?” are always asked in one form or another, so have those answers ready beforehand.

Try to memorize the job description and think of examples of how you have addressed the current needs of the employer in past roles. It will be easy to work those examples into any question asked of you, and comparing the company’s needs to your previous accomplishments will show that if hired, you will use your past experiences to add value to the company.

Are Your Skills Sharp Enough?
Your professional skills should be maintained at all times, but this is especially true for someone in the technical field who is on the job hunt. Rather than sticking with general open-ended questions, technical hiring managers will often come up with hypothetical situations to assess your problem solving skills. Questions like, “Give me a scenario where there was a functionality issue which you resolved, irrespective of time constraints.” are common. You can bet they’ll take note of how you respond and articulate your thoughts under pressure, so come well-prepared.

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