Enter the I Heart AKRAYA Photo Contest and Win a Kindle Fire!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner so it’s time to spread the love.

We are super excited to announce the “I ♥ AKRAYA” photo contest! Here’s how it works: send us a photo taken by you (or if you are in the picture, someone you know) showcasing a fun, unique expression of your love for AKRAYA. Don’t be shy, this is your time to get REALLY creative. You can include people, pets, objects – whatever comes to mind. Just make sure the photo contains the Akraya logo or the name “AKRAYA”, and of course, a heart-shape. The rest is up to you.

Send your photo entry to info@akraya.com. From there, we’ll post the photos on the Akraya Facebook page in a special “I ♥ AKRAYA” photo album. Now, here’s the fun part. It will be UP TO YOU to advertise your photo entry on Facebook to your friends. Share the link on your wall to the contest from the Akraya Facebook page and ask them to vote for you. Make sure to ask them to “like” the Akraya Facebook page, otherwise they won’t be able to vote. Each “like” a photo receives on our Facebook page will count as one vote.

The photo that gets the most votes will win…

Here are some more rules:

  • The contest will be open to all of Akraya’s Facebook fans.
  • The deadline to submit your entry is February 1 at 5:00pm PST. No late entries will be accepted.
  • Voting begins February 2 and ends February 13 at 5:00pm PST.
  • The winner of the Kindle Fire will be announced February 14, VALENTINE’s DAY!
  • Each photo entry must include two things: the Akraya logo or the name “AKRAYA” and a heart-shape.
  • You cannot use a pre-existing image found online or in a magazine. This automatically disqualifies your photo from the contest. The picture must be an original.
  • Please send the entries to info@akraya.com

Get your cameras out. Get your voters ready. The competition is on!

So tell us, how much do YOU ♥ AKRAYA?

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