Job Hunting During the Holidays

Some industries are famous for ramping up their hiring as the holiday season approaches. The retail industry responds to the flurry of holiday traffic by bulking up their staff, as does the airline industry. But what if your occupation’s hiring cycles aren’t cut so precisely?

As the year approaches its end, many job hunters find their efforts winding down right along with it, with the intention of resuming the search again after the holidays. Most job seekers’ behavior can be attributed to the long standing notion that, in general, hiring for corporate jobs is a no go during the holiday season.

There is some truth to this thought. Some hiring managers may be out of office and workplace activity is usually at minimum, but there are still several reasons to keep your search going strong. To those who believe it’s pointless to pursue jobs during the holiday season, the following thoughts may convince you otherwise.

End of the Fiscal Year
Some companies may operate on different fiscal years, which is the period used for calculating annual financial statements, but the end of a fiscal year often coincides with the end of the calendar year. This could work for or against your favor.

By the time December rolls around, some hiring managers may be nearing their yearly budget limits and feel reluctant to take on a new hire. Hiring prospects tend to look much better at the beginning of a company’s fiscal year. At that point, the annual budgets have been freshly established and hiring managers know exactly how many people they can expect to hire for their team.

This means that December is not a good time to be slacking off of the job hunt. By the time a company’s fiscal year begins in January, you will want to have already applied and be queued up to begin the interview process.

Take Advantage of the Down Time
Since most people use the holiday season to take a hiatus from job hunting, there will be less competition vying for the same opening. Take this opportunity to be one of the first people to apply to these positions and stand out.

Plethora of Social Events
Holiday Season is practically synonymous with party season. Is your friend’s company having a holiday party? Ask to come along! In person networking will always be your greatest aid in finding a job, so don’t miss the extra opportunities to connect with people in your field. The more people who know you are looking for a new position, the better.

Who knows what gifts a little extra work this holiday season can bring!

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