Go From Temp to Full Time

In today’s world of economic uncertainty, companies are relying on contract or temporary workers to help meet the demands of business. This means that you may have an easier time finding work as a contractor than searching as a regular employee. There may be a definite end date in sight, but contract workers often receive full benefits, greater pay than their full time counterparts and a more flexible schedule.

Once you begin at a company as a contract worker, it does not mean you cannot be hired in a more permanent role. If full time work is your end goal, here are some tips that can help you convert that contract position to a full time roll.

Be an Important Asset
Getting hired in a contract position is a great way to get your foot in the door of the hottest companies in the area. Contract roles are often quite specialized, so once you’ve gotten in, show your employer that you have more skills than the standard job description. Don’t neglect the basics – be proactive, positive, and show dedication. When a permanent role opens up within the company, you’ll be a logical choice to consider.

Integrate into Company Culture
An important step in being taken on as a full time employee is to be seen a part of the team, especially if you wish to stay within the same group. Don’t think of yourself as “only a contractor” – attend company functions and fully integrate into company culture. Try to meet individuals within the company that may be in a position to help you in the future. Nice gestures, like bringing in a sweet snack into the break room for others to enjoy, will also help you to be thought of as a committed member of the team.

Be Selective About Who Places You
Does your staffing company have a good relationship with your potential employer? Make sure the staffing firm helping you land a role regularly places candidates with your skill set in the company you’re hoping to receive a full time offer from.

Express an Interest
While your project is in process, focus your efforts on performing well and showing your commitment to your team. However, as your contract role nears it’s completion, it is a good idea to express your interest in a full time position to your manager or company recruiters. You’ll want to use caution when vocalizing your interest – you do not want to be a bother or appear as though you took the contract role solely for the hope of being hired permanently.

Remember, be realistic with your expectations. Keep in mind that some contract roles were created with little flexibility on the end date, so it may not be wise to push for a full time conversion when the circumstances do not allow for such.

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