Staffing Firm Myths – True or False?

Let’s say one day a recruiter calls and asks if you are interested in a position with one of the top industry giants in the area. After speaking with you for a bit about your experience, she fills you in on the position’s details, and with your approval, lets you know she will submit you as a candidate. Sounds too good to be true, right? Not so! Many people incorrectly believe there is a “catch” to landing a job through a staffing agency. It’s time to debunk those staffing agency myths!

Do staffing firms only offer short term, temporary jobs?
Some companies do look to staffing firms to fill short term roles if the regular employee takes a sudden leave of absence, but the majority of positions a staffing firm fills for clients are longer term contract to hire roles (averaging six months to a year in duration) or even regular full time employment. Benefits are included, as well.

I’ve heard I’ll get paid less if I work through a staffing agency.
This is not so. Staffing firms offer competitive rates that are on par with industry standards. Those with in demand or difficult to locate skills command top dollar, just as they would in a regular full-time role.

Staffing firms are only for entry level jobs, not for more senior employees like myself.
There are of course some staffing agencies that work to hire entry level personnel, but most staffing agencies work with companies who need help locating elusive candidates with highly specialized or in demand skills. Often times, these skill sets can only be developed after many years of experience.

If I work in a contract role, I might miss out on getting hired full time.
On the contrary, working at company in a contract capacity  often opens doors that you otherwise would not have had access to. Once you establish a proven track record within a company, it makes your shot at a full time role with them even stronger. Also, a working contract position means once the assignment is over, you can choose to pursue full time employment else where.

Have you heard of any other staffing firm misconceptions? Leave a comment below and we’ll try to clear them up!

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