Is Facebook in Your Job Hunt Arsenal?

Welcome back for the second installment of Using Social Media for the Job Search. I’ve shown you how to turn Twitter into your personal job board. Now, I’ll share a few tips on how to add Facebook to your job hunting arsenal.

According to Google Ad Planner, Facebook is the second most visited website in the US and is arguably the most widely used of the social media heavyweights. These days, it’s rare to run across a company that does not have a Facebook presence.

“Like” Who You’re Interested In
Most companies have already embraced the Facebook world, and this means they have a designated page where they can share updates and relevant content with their fans. Even better, companies often reward their dedicated facebook fans with cool perks like special discount codes and other sneak peaks – like being the first place to post hot job openings within their organization. “Liking” a company’s Facebook page is a good first step if you want to stay in the know. Plus, this will ensure that any open job announcements will appear on your personal timeline.

Find the Official Page
For example, if you are interested in a career at Adobe Systems, once logged in, enter “Adobe Systems” in the search bar at the top of the page. Adobe’s official page may appear in this first list of results, but if not, click on “see more results for Adobe” at the bottom of the list. Next, select “pages” from the left sidebar, and your results for “Adobe” will likely be more targeted.

Alternatively, some companies may offer a separate Facebook company career page that exclusively posts updates about job openings, so be sure to run a thorough search.

Jobs Apps Are Where It’s At

Some companies’  Facebook presence goes far beyond the standard landing page. Many have developed customized apps designed to do everything from selling clothing to simulating a photobooth stand. Keeping with our earlier example, many company Facebook pages, like Adobe’s, offer career apps to help turn Facebook fans into potential candidates. Careers apps let you search through open positions without having to navigate through the company’s external website. Click on one that suites your experience and apply!

Get Involved

Facebook isn’t just about keeping up with your immediate connections. By visiting community pages relevant to your career or interests, you can connect with other professionals in your sector. For example, graphic designers should “like” the graphic design community page. There, you can share energy and ideas with other like minded professionals, showcase portfolio work and find post alerting other group members about open positions. Who knows, you might just connect with someone who tips you off to your next position!

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